Adafruit Wireless

FONA 3G Cellular Breakout - American version - Without Free Ting Sim Card [PID:2687]

Description: For those who want to take it to the next level we now have a 3G Cellular...

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FONA 808 Shield - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS for Arduino [PID:2636]

    DESCRIPTION: Cellular + GPS tracking, all in one, for your Arduino? Oh yes!...

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FONA 808 - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS Breakout [PID:2542]

AGOTADO!! Descripción: Celular + seguimiento GPS, todo en uno? ¡Oh si! La introducción de Adafruit...

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FONA - Mini Cellular GSM Breakout uFL Version [PID: 1946]

AGOTADO!! Descripción: Ring, Ring! Who's that callin'? It's your breadboard! Introducing Adafruit...

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Passive GPS Antenna uFL - 15mm x 15mm 1 dBi gain

  DESCRIPTION: Wow that's a tiny GPS antenna! This passive antenna is only 15mm x 15mm x...

Tu precio: US$7,50

Slim Sticker-type GSM/Cellular Quad-Band Antenna - 3dBi uFL

  AGOTADO!! Description:  That's one slim cellular antenna! At just 75mm long from...

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Edge-Launch SMA Connector for 1.6mm / 0.062" Thick PCBs

Oferta especial
  DESCRIPTION: This is a great connector for anyone doing RF work, when an SMA connector is...

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uFL SMT Antenna Connector

Oferta especial
  Description: uFL connectors are very small surface-mount parts used when an external RF...

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Bluefruit LE SPI Friend - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Description: Would you like to add powerful and easy-to-use Bluetooth Low Energy to your robot, art...

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