Sparkfun Breakout Boards

SparkFun Pi Wedge (Preassembled) [BOB-13717]

Description: This is the SparkFun Pi Wedge, a small board that connects to the 40-pin GPIO...

Tu precio: US$15,50

SparkFun GPS Breakout [BOB-11818]

Description: This is a more universal GPS breakout board that uses a vertical SMD connector which...

Tu precio: US$5,75

SparkFun microB USB Breakout [BOB-12035]

AGOTADO!! Description: This simple board breaks out a micro-B USB connector’s VCC, GND, ID, D- and...

Tu precio: US$2,95

SparkFun RJ45 MagJack Breakout [BOB-13021]

Description: This is the SparkFun RJ45 MagJack Breakout, a simple board that will provide you with...

Tu precio: US$7,95

Servo Trigger SparkFun [WIG-13118]

Description: The SparkFun Servo Trigger is a small robotics board that simplifies the control of...

Tu precio: US$19,95

SparkFun USB to RS-485 Converter [BOB-09822]

Description: This is the newest revision and fixes issues with the last board. This breakout board...

Tu precio: US$25,90

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