DM13A 16-bit Constant Current LED Driver

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General Description:

DM13A is a constant-current sink driver specifically designed for LED display applications. The device incorporates shift registers, data latches, and constant current circuitry on the silicon CMOS chip. The maximum output current value of all 16 channels is adjustable by a single external resistor.


- Constant-current outputs: 3mA to 60mA adjustable by one external resistor 

- Maximum output voltage: 17V

- Maximum clock frequency: 25MHz 

- Power supply voltage: 3.3V to 5V 

- In-rush current control 

- Bit-to-bit skew : ± 3 % Chip-to-chip skew : ± 6 % 

- Package and pin assignment compatible to conventional LED drivers (ST2221C, DM134/5/6)

Para más detalles ver hoja de datos: DM13A Driver Datasheet.pdf (467456)