MC34064 Undervoltage Sensing Circuit

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The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing circuit specifically designed for use as a reset controller in microprocessor−based systems. It offers the designer an economical solution for low voltage detection with a single external resistor. The MC34064 features a trimmed−in−package bandgap reference, and a comparator with precise thresholds and built-in hysteresis to prevent erratic reset operation. The open collector reset output is capable of sinking in excess of 10 mA, and operation is guaranteed down to 1.0 V input with low standby current. The MC devices are packaged in 3−pin TO-92, micro size TSOP−5, 8−pin SOIC−8 and Micro8 surface mount packages. The NCV device is packaged in SOIC−8 and TO−92. Applications include direct monitoring of the 5.0 V MPU/logic power supply used in appliance, automotive, consumer and industrial equipment.

Para más detalles ver hoja de datos: MC34064-D Datasheet.PDF (123840)