LT1363CN8 Operational Amplifier

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The LT1363 is a high speed, very high slew rate operational amplifier with excellent DC performance. The LT1363 features reduced supply current, lower input offset voltage, lower input bias current and higher DC gain than devices with comparable bandwidth. The circuit topology is a voltage feedback amplifier with the slewing characteristics of a current feedback amplifier. The amplifier is a single gain stage with outstanding settling characteristics which makes the circuit an ideal choice for data acquisition systems. The output drives a 150Ω load to ±7.5V with ±15V supplies and to ±3.4V on ±5V supplies. The amplifier is also capable of driving any capacitive load which makes it useful in buffer or cable driver applications.


- 70MHz Gain Bandwidth

- 1000V/µs Slew Rate

- 7.5mA Maximum Supply Current

- 9nV/√Hz Input Noise Voltage

- Unity-Gain Stable

- C-LoadTM Op Amp Drives All Capacitive Loads

- 1.5mV Maximum Input Offset Voltage

- 2µA Maximum Input Bias Current

- 350nA Maximum Input Offset Current

- 50mA Minimum Output Current

- ±7.5V Minimum Output Swing into 150Ω

- 4.5V/mV Minimum DC Gain, RL=1k

- 50ns Settling Time to 0.1%, 10V Step

- 0.06% Differential Gain, AV=2, RL=150Ω

- 0.04° Differential Phase, AV=2, RL=150Ω

- Specified at ±2.5V, ±5V, and ±15V

Para más detalles ver hoja de datos: LT1363CN8 Datasheet.pdf (219506)